Available for hire!

Full-stack software engineer with a bent towards web standards, quality and longevity of applications available for hire.

I have worked professionally as a software engineer since the late 90s. I’ve seen a good breadth and depth of applications over the years, having worked on green field, established and legacy applications.

I enjoy improving existing applications as much as working on green field applications.

Happiness looks like


Product / project


What I am hoping to find in my next role

I am hoping to find a diverse team in a diverse organisation (or one that is trending that way). I regularly contribute to open source and hope to continue that work in my next role, perhaps in combination with mentoring of other engineeers.


My personal ambitions are not tied to specific outcomes, but to keep moving in a positive direction. To keep learning and growing.

Having said that, I am looking for opportunities that will allow me to pursue a role as Principal Engineer or Head of Engineering.


  • Berlin, Germany
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Remote


Grab a PDF version of my CV and get in touch.