Juicer 1.0.0 Released

Earlier today Christian Johansen pushed the button and published Juicer v1.0.0 as a gem.

For those unfamiliar with Juicer, it’s an open source Ruby based tool that allows you to merge and minify your JavaScript and CSS files. Internally, Juicer uses JSLint to keep your JavaScript in good shape and supports both YUI Compressor and Google Closure Compiler to make your CSS and JavaScript files as small as possible.

I have written about speeding up your Webby site with Juicer previously, and with the new version there are even more features to like. These are the new features that exites me the most

  • Support for Google Closure Compiler
  • Support for embedding images into stylesheets using data-uri’s (my contribution)
  • Ruby 1.9 support

Christian has done a lot of work tidying up the codebase, making it very flexible and easy to work with. So if Juicer also exites you, I suggest you get involved in making it even better.