Blog makeover

Finally, I’ve gotten round to migrating my blog from Webby to Jekyll. I guess it really is true that the shoemaker’s children go barefoot.

There are a few reasons for my move away from Webby and into the open arms of Jekyll.

  • I got really tired of writing Textile, even for the small amounts I write on this website, it got tedious. With Jekyll I write Markdown, and it’s much more enjoyable.
  • Jekyll has an active community. The community around Webby is very small, and there are very few updates to the software.
  • People share their Jekyll sites on github, so we can even learn from each other.
  • It seems I am always working on my website during xmas.
  • My dislike for writing Textile actually stifled my urge to write mostly anything on the old blog.

While I still don’t have a new design (as in created by an actual designer), I am happier with the un-design of the current state than I ever was with the previous one.

For this makeover, I guess the majority of the time has been spent converting Textile to Markdown by hand. Some time was also sunk into making sure I would have a reasonable setup for Apache2. All in all, I am very happy with the conversion and hope that there will be much more writing in near future.

If you want to hack around with this site, or have a correction, the source is on GitHub

Happy New Year!