Speaking at Community Day 2012

A while a ago I was approached by @dalager, who asked if I would be interested in giving my introductory talk about “Closures, this, call and apply” to a local audience at Community Day.

I am pretty much always excited about the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with my tribe. So, after figuring out that I would in fact be in the area at the time of the conference, I jumped at the opportunity. With the current schedule, I’ll be speaking in the afternoon… immediately after lunch.

If you’re attending Community Day, you should check out the schedule, there are a lot of interesting talks packed into just one day. Firguring out what talks to attend is going to be difficult.

Personally, I am looking forward to the Deconstructing Agile and Kiss my sASS talks.

I’ll post the slides here after the talk.

See you there!

Update - not speaking

I have to be in Helsinki, Finland this Thursday for a workshop with a new client, so I won’t be able to speak at Community Day this year. The work for the new client is VERY exciting, and I’ll be blogging about the work soon. But, missing Community Day sucks. Next year!

If you have something you’d like to share with the great community in Copenhagen, @dalager is looking for a replacement speaker.