Full Frontal Conf 2012

This was my third time attending the Full Frontal conference, so I thought that this year I should actually take time to write a little blog post about it.

I took a week off from work to be fully able to enjoy visiting Brighton and seeing friends. Experience has shown me that in the week around Full Frontal, the city is full of geeks and there is much socialising to do. This year was no exception.

Apart from Async, there was also a NodeCopter event in Brighton (on Saturday). I missed the end of day demos that were open to all, but from observing twitter, it seemed to be a great success.


Every year, on the evening before Full Frontal, there is an International Show’n’Tell at Async.

It’s like a regular JavaScript user group, but with added attendees from far and wide. I think I won this year’s showing of hands on who has traveled the farthest to get to Full Frontal conf.

The Async special event schedule is a couple of hours of lightning talks, and then off to the pub for socialising. This year didn’t disappoint, there were some great talks there. I got to open with a little talk rant about focusing on mobile web, people seemed amused, so I am happy. (Slides here).

Full Frontal

After each year I think that it would be difficult to make this conference much better, and yet Remy and Julie (and a small army of dedicated crew) are able to improve on an already very well curated conference again and again.


As is tradition, Full Frontal was held at The Duke of York’s Picturehouse. It’s a great venue for a conference, and I think that the fact that there is a hard limit on the amount of tickets that can be sold for the conference works to their advantage.


It is really hard to pick a favourite talk from this year’s conference, but I think it will have to be John Allsop’s talk Is HTML relevent in the era of web apps?

Videos of all the talks from this year’s conference will be made available online for free in the near future, so you can watch all of them, and decide for yourself which one was the best. I enjoyed all of them.


I hope to return to Brighton for next year’s Full Frontal conference.

I have even been considering creating a local JavaScript conference in Copenhagen/Malmö, and if I do, it would be greatly inspired by how Full Frontal conf is run.